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Pengurang Kecepatan Cycloidal Desain Tahan Lama Varitron F74

No. Model
cycloidal reducer HX
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  • Gearing Arrangement : Cycloidal

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 Quality Cycloidal Speed Reducers by Varitron from TAIWAN
Vaitron F74 Durable Design cycloidal Speed Reducers

Product Description


The VARITRON cycloidal Speed Reducers unique cycloidal Speed Reducers design has advantages superior to common involute tooth gears system speed reducers.
VARITRON's cycloidal Speed Reducers matchless performance and reliability is that 67% of the reduction components are in contact at all times, compared to helical gear and planetary gear designs that use only limited tooth contact. Unlike geared designs, the Varitron's reduction components operate in compression rather than shear, which results to withstand shock loads exceeding ratings of 500%, provide exceptional performance, reliability and long life in most severe applications.
Main Features
- Involute gear has slip contact with less contact ratio

- Varitron cycloidal Speed Reducers has smooth rolling contact

- Durable and Long Service Life
The gear tooth profile of the VARITRON cycloidal Speed Reducers enables the sharing of the load by a number of teeth, thus not susceptible to tooth breakage. At least 66% of ring gear rollers and cycloid disc loves share the shock load under compression. In addition, major torque transmission components inside the VARITRON cycloidal Speed Reducers are made of 52100(JIS SUJ2) high carbon chromium bearing grade steel hardened to Rockwell Hardness of HRC 61~63 andwith precision grinding. The end result is that VARITRON Cycloidal Gearmotor are capable of withstanding intermittent shock load up to 500% of its catalog torque rating.
- High Efficiency
Rolling Contact-All major torque transmitting components roll; they do not slide. Rolling motion contributs to minimal frication and high efficiency approaches 93%, anddouble stage efficiency approaches 93%, and double stage efficiency approaches 86%.
- Simple Maintenance
Lifetime grease lubrication or easy-to-replenish oil lubrication.
- Housing
Standard gray cast iron(JIS FC25) iron provides rigid structural integrity. Optional ductile iron housing(JIS FCD45) available.
- Output Shaft
High Strength Low Alloy Stell(JIS SCM21) with oversized bearings for excellent overhung load capacit and outstanding performanc.
- Dual Lips Oil Seal
Keeps lubricant in; keeps dirt out. (for flange model 8165 and above double dual lips oil seal on output side)
- Side Window (Oil Lubricate Models)
For easy oil level and clarity reading. Installing side can assign on ordering. Markers also on the side window to show how mcuk oil to fill.
Large oil filler hole. Oil cap also functions for pressure release purpose.
- Drain Plugs (Oil Lubricated Models)
Magnetic drain plugs design to prevent any steel dust from bearingor gear when wear in the oil. Drain plugs on double side for simple oil replavement.
Cycloidal Speed Reducers Construction Drawing

Cycloidal Speed Reducers Model

Cycloidal Speed Reducers Operation Direction

Quick Facts

Model Number
Vaitron F74 Durable Design cycloidal Speed Reducers

Speed Reduction Method
Internal planetary gear mechanism with trochoidal curved tooth profile design speed reduction

95% per stage gear box (Rolling motion minimizes friction and wear, reducing heat)

Shock Load
500% as there are only compressive forces rather than shear forces on the tooth

Gear Box Mounting
Flange or Foot mounting

Gear Reduction Ratio

Up to 1:87 per stage
         1:7569 Double stage
         1:658,503 Triple Stage

Capacity Range
0.1 to 75kW * 4Pole  /  0.37 to 132kW * 6Pole

Totally enclosed fan cooled type IP54 or IP55

Power Source
Three Phrase 200-480V 50/60Hz (single phrase 0.2 to 3.7kW)

Thermal Class
F Class , H Class

Time Rating
Continuous Rating

Gear Box
Lubrication Method
Grease lubricated or Oil Lubricated (oil Pump lubrication avaliable)

Method of Coupling with Driven Machine
Coupling, gears, chain sprocket or belt

CE, UL, CSA, CCC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

1 Year Limited Warranty

 Cycloidal Speed Reducers How to order

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Agitators Mixers, Brewing and Distilling, Conveyors, Extruders, Food industry, Metal Mills, Hammer mills,
Paper Mills,Lumber Industry, Rubber & Plastics Industries, Sewage Disposal Equipment, Oil Industry,
Textile Industry, Sugar Industry, Dry Dock Cranes.. and many more

Packaging & Shipping

Cycloidal Speed Reducers will be delievery with crate or wooden box.
     Take Control In Speed      

Company Information

We consistently focus our attention on the quality management system. With our continuously 
improved quality function, customers’ satisfaction on our products and service is guaranteed. 
All our employees take Total Quality Assurance as their common goal and set customers’ 
satisfaction as their highest priority. 


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    Cycloidal Speed Reducers

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